How does sharing work?

You can select ‘Private’ or ‘Public’ when you create a wish (and this can be changed at any time). If you select ‘Public’, this will give you the option of sharing your wish by email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, Pinterest or SMS.

Can I create an event and send it to my friends?

Yes, you can. You can create events for any occasion—whether it’s a birthday, dinner, engagement, wedding, baptism, reunion… etc. You can then share the event link via email, social media or SMS.

Can I record my life story and share it with my family?

Yes, and you can also create records for each of your family members and share the relevant link with them.

Can I keep my CV here and update it, as well as share it?

Yes, and you can upload your photo and any relevant attachments.

Is it possible to send a note to a friend?

Definitely—create your note, list, event or wish and send your friend the link!

What about sending a shopping list to someone on their way home?

It’s as easy as creating your list, adding photos if desired then sharing the link.

Can I create my ‘to do’ list and access it on my phone or PC?

Yes, you can. Your list will be available by accessing Wish Nest on your phone or PC.

Can I use Wish Nest to organise a holiday?

Absolutely! Create a holiday wish then use separate titles to record everything you need (e.g. itinerary, dates, venues, tours, maps, expenses… etc.). You can even upload electronic copies of important documents and easily share all of this information with family and friends.

Can I create a Death Notice or Memorial for a family member?

Yes—you can record legacy information under titles such as a ‘Death Notice’, ‘Funeral Notice’ and similar. Upload photos as a lasting tribute and share the links with whomever you choose.

Can I create a party invitation for my child?

You can create an invitation and also upload photos of your child, then share the link to those you wish to invite.

Can I create a record of my recipes, books, collector items… etc?

Yes! For example, it’s a simple as creating a wish called ‘My Recipes’ and adding a new title for each new recipe. You can also upload photos too.

What else can I do with Wish Nest?

The list is endless! Contact us and tell us how you’re using Wish Nest—we’d love to hear about what you’re creating!

If I'm a student, what can I use Wish Nest for?

You can create assignments, record study notes, and share events and wishes with other students. With Wish Nest, you’ll also be able to plan projects, organise study times and easily share these details and more with your peers!

Would a parent at home have a use for Wish Nest?

Definitely. If you’re a parent at home juggling many balls in the air, you’ll only need to go to one place to organise everything.

Grab a cup of tea, sit down and start creating your wishes—whether events, shopping lists, your child’s schedule or other important information (e.g. medical information, contact details, trusted babysitters… etc.). Once created, you can also instantly share to your heart’s content!

What if I'm a Team Manager for a sporting group?

Wish Nest will make managing your team easy by allowing you to record activities, events and team information in one place. You can even record key contacts, fixtures, team duties, carpooling details and more. And then share the link to each team member at the start of the season and it can be updated weekly without having to send out a new link each time there’s an update.

Can I create an emergency contact list?

Definitely—and you can share it with whomever you want or not share it and just keep the details in one handy place.

Can I show off my beautiful pets?

You sure can! With Wish Nest, it’s easy to upload pet photos and keep organised animal health records, microchip details and similar.

Can I keep information that only I can see?

Yes, you can. You have the option of keeping your wishes private so only you can see them. If you change your mind, you can toggle individual wishes from ‘Private’ to ‘Public’—this doesn’t make the page available to the public per se but gives you the option of sharing the relevant wish via several handy links. If someone is searching for your event details and the event is in the ‘Public’ mode, they can access the details if they find the correct title.

How easy is it to find an event page I use every day?

Very easy! You only need to click on the ‘Star’ icon next to the Event Page you use daily and it will PIN it at the top of the categories.

So every time you login, it will be sitting at the top.

Can I send a shopping list to myself?

Yes, and you can save that link as an icon on your mobile phone so you only have to click on the icon to check your latest shopping list.

Any time you open the link it will reflect what changes you have made to your shopping list. You don’t need to send the link each time you amend the shopping list.

You can share this link with any member of your family also.

Can I keep duplicating an event page for each of my customers?

Yes, it’s easy.

Once you have created and saved your first event page for a customer, just click the ‘duplicate’ icon and the form is duplicated.

Add the personal details of the new customer and save, and then keep repeating.

Can I remind customers of appointment times?

Yes, you can send a copy of their Event Page to them by email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, Pinterest, SMS etc.

You can also add what documents they may need to bring with them etc.


What pricing options are there or is it free?

There are no Pricing Options as this is a free service.