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My Wish Nest is your free one-stop shop where you can quickly and easily record and share your wishes, wants, plans and more with family, friends, colleagues… whomever you desire to connect them with.

Whether it’s just the day-to-day, future planning or even operating a business, My Wish Nest gives you the ability to store and communicate important information on the go and all from a safe and secure platform.

Got a special event, holiday, wedding, family or legacy matter you need to plan for? Record your thoughts and any relevant information—facts, figures, anything!—with My Wish Nest using our useful templates then connect them with the people you’d like to know them.

My Special Event

Are you planning a special event—maybe it’s a birthday? Or a baptism? Perhaps it’s an anniversary or retirement? No matter the occasion, My Wish Nest helps you organise your event by giving you the tools to record key details such as those of contacts, guests and gifts and everything else you may want or need.

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My Wedding

Planning weddings becomes a breeze with My Wish Nest. Consolidate your contacts—guests, caterers, photographers, tailors, dressmakers, celebrants, vehicle hire companies—and plan the ceremony and reception of your dreams. Make checklists, inventories and get organised so your wedding runs like clockwork.

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My Family

Make room for family with My Wish Nest—record milestones and information about your child or children, significant other, pets, friends and more. With My Wish Nest you’ll be able to make letters and notes for family members, record personal and family goals and create handy day-to-day lists such as shopping lists.

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My Legacy

Engage in future proofing by recording your wishes with My Wish Nest and nominating a trusted person to gain access when you’re no longer around. What do you want to happen if you’re not able to make decisions about your health or when you’ve passed on? What will your legacy be? Detail funeral arrangements, tell your life story or even keep a journal.

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My Holiday

Plan your next holiday with My Wish Nest by keeping all your travel information secure in one location—from itineraries, bookings, passport and visa details to vaccination particulars, insurance records, emergency contacts and more. And why not save your wish list of future vacation destinations while you’re at it?

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How Does It Work?

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Features of My Wish Nest

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Filter your wishes by category or keyword to find the correct wish easily.

Keep track of your work related content and keep it all in one place.

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