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Wish Nest is your free one-stop shop where you can quickly and easily record everything you need to succeed in life. Once recorded, you can share this important information with family, friends, colleagues… anyone!

Need to store information about your home life? What about details concerning your family, studies, or career? How about vacation plans?

No matter if it’s just the day-to-day, future planning, or even operating a business, Wish Nest gives you intuitive templates so you can store and share the information that matters and all from the convenience of a single safe and secure platform.

Home Life

Keeping track of everything to do with your home is hard—but it doesn't have to be! With Wish Nest, you'll be able to record and share important information, from bills and reminders to chores and shopping lists, that will make running your household a breeze.

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Family Life

Make room for family with Wish Nest—record milestones and details about your child or children, significant other, relatives and even your pets. You’ll be able to leave messages for family members, store personal information and photos, and so much more!

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Vacation Life

Plan your next holiday with Wish Nest by keeping all your travel information secure in one location—from itineraries, bookings, passport and visa details to vaccination particulars, insurance records, emergency contacts and more. And why not save your list of dream destinations too?

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Student Life

Keep on top of your studies with Wish Nest. You’ll be able to store helpful resources related to your coursework or learning, and filter this by different categories to make finding what you need easy. Share study plans and other useful information with peers and be on your way to success!

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Business Life

Grow your small business with Wish Nest! With intuitive, ready-made templates and handy tools, you’ll be able to record the information you need to run your business, from documents and images to other details and more. You can even share what you want, like tasks and lists, with your team or clients.

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Career Life

Build your career. With Wish Nest, you’ll be able to store documents like your resume or CV, and keep detailed records about your memberships, qualifications and experience—and all in one easy-to-find, easy-to-use location. You can even create lists setting out your goals and future opportunities.

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How Does It Work?

Step 01

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Step 02

Select a category

Browse through a list of categories and select one that best suits the information you want to record.

Step 03

Record your wishes

With our simple and easy-to-use templates, record and share to your heart’s content!

Features of My Wish Nest

Share anything you create to your social media accounts

Use ready-to-go templates or make up your own

Create links to external sites to keep everything in one place

Make organising your life and finding important information easy

  • Share life
  • Record information
  • Link to resources
  • Filter life


Everything you need to run your life.

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