About Us

My Wish Nest was born out of a desire to help people organise their lives. More and more, we found that people were spreading themselves thin, with attentions divided between work, play, family and future planning—but rarely striking a comfortable balance.

Throw in thousands of competing apps and other commercial programs vying for our divided attention, and it’s not uncommon to see people using a dozen or more products to stumble through the challenges of the increasingly complex modern lifestyle.

It shouldn’t be so hard.

Thankfully, the team at My Wish Nest stepped up to the plate and provided a solution which involved turning an old saying on its head—it’s not ‘don’t put all of your eggs in one basket’, rather it’s about putting them all in the right basket.

With My Wish Nest, we created one place to go for just about every wish, want, desire and plan you could have in everyday life. It’s the all-in-one answer to organising yourself, putting the control back in your hands so you can run your life your way.