Make dads feel special on Father’s Day with My Wish Nest

Make dads feel special on Father’s Day with My Wish Nest.

Sadly, this Father’s Day will be the second in a row that many will be experiencing in quarantine, in lockdown or with heightened restrictions due to COVID-19.

For those affected, this means there will be important people they can’t be with, and celebrations will either need to be scaled down or conducted remotely.

My Wish Nest empowers you with the tools to plan a memorable Father’s Day, even if lockdowns or other tough restrictions are hurdles in your way.

In spite of COVID—or perhaps because of it—celebrating these special occasions with family is even more important than ever.

My Wish Nest is your all-in-one solution that helps make these celebrations easy by letting you digitally record important images and words with intuitive templates so you can stay organised, keep life simple and find the joy in these challenging times.

Best of all, My Wish Nest is available on the go and in your pocket, so you can seamlessly arrange a Father’s Day that will be looked back on fondly for many years to come—even if dads, family or you are unfortunately stuck at home or apart.

Remove stress and surprise dads by becoming a super planner.

Quite simply, running life has never been easier than it is with My Wish Nest.

To help plan an incredible Father’s Day, My Wish Nest gives you the ability to record key details such as those of relevant contacts, guests and gifts and anything else you may need to make the day special.

And even if you can’t be together on Father’s Day, there are still ways to plan events where you can celebrate from a distance—and where fun or thoughtful gifts, or maybe even a stylish new shirt, sweater or jacket, can be delivered so dads still get to enjoy the exciting experience of having something tangible to unwrap and open on the day.

Use My Wish Nest to record and share special messages.

With My Wish Nest, you’ll be able to exchange touching messages with the dads in your life, bringing smiles to their faces regardless of if you can or can’t be with them in person.

Whether it’s a deeply personal message or a collection of well wishes from the broader community, you can collate letters, notes and more using My Wish Nest, including photos, then share them with the lucky dads on Father’s Day.

Create handy lists, including recipes, that dads will enjoy again and again.

If you can’t be with them to share a meal or drink, My Wish Nest also gives you the ability to create and send custom recipes.

Does your dad have a favourite meal? Or have you found a dish you think he’d love?

Or perhaps you’ve discovered a tasty cocktail right up his alley?

My Wish Nest includes templates for mouth-watering recipes that make it easy to give dads a lasting treat that will keep on giving whenever they’re looking for something to tickle their taste buds.

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Learn more about dads and save this precious legacy information.

It can be as simple as keeping a journal and photos of Father’s Day, or as complex as detailing a life story. In either case, My Wish Nest lets you record milestones and information too precious to lose.

So, why not make this Father’s Day even more meaningful by creating an important legacy piece for the future?

Reimagine celebrations in the COVID era with My Wish Nest.

The potential is endless.

With My Wish Nest, you’ll be empowered to create a Father’s Day that the dads important to you will cherish forever.

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