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Hazard Perception Test Online

The Hazard Perception Test Online details can be viewed with other driving information at

The Hazard Perception Test is a computer-based test that checks how well you can spot hazards when driving on the road and how to respond safely. The Hazard Perception Test can now be taken online or in-person.

What is hazard perception?

Good hazard perception means being able to identify and respond to potential hazards in the safest way possible. Hazard perception skills take a long time to develop, so new drivers are more at risk of crashing (External link) in their first 12 months of driving.

Hazard perception is about being able to observe the whole road scene as a driver and being aware of what's happening around you. Being a safe driver means being able to identify and safely respond to potential hazards on the road.

The three parts of hazard perception you need to practice are:

See: using your eyes to scan the road ahead and spot any hazardsThink: thinking about what you need to do ahead of time to respond safelyDo: acting in response to the hazard you see for example, slowing down or creating more space

As you practice better hazard perception and gain more experience on the road, your crash risk as a new driver goes down. Knowing how to identify and respond safely to hazards is an important lifesaving skill that protects everyone sharing the road.

Learner Permit Test Online

The Learner Permit Test Online details can be viewed with other driving information at

The Learner Permit Test Online is a new interactive course and assessment you can take to get your Ls in Victoria. Enrol using your myVicRoads account and start the course today!

What’s the Learner Permit Test Online?

The Learner Permit Test Online is a 4-6-hour interactive course and assessment that teaches you about the road rules to follow when driving in Victoria and important ways you can develop safe driving behaviours. You can self-enrol and complete the course at your own pace online using any compatible device.