VicRoads Appointment Fee Waiver. And Convert Overseas Licence within 6 Months.

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Driving Test Appointment Fee

Car practical driving test $45.60

Appointment Fee $19.00

Total $64.60

Less Fee Waiver Total $45.60

Hazard Perception Test Appointment Fee (Expires after 12mths)

Hazard perception test $18.80

Appointment Fee $19.00

Total $37.80

Less Fee Waiver Total $18.80

Auto to Manual Licence Conversion Fee

Car practical driving test $45.60

Appointment Fee $19.00

Total$ 64.60

Less Fee Waiver Total $45.60

Removing an automatic condition after passing the auto to manual drive test $31.50

Appointment Fee Waiver - 25-March 2020 to 5 April 2021

Appointment fee waiver

As part of our service recovery and resumption of services in metropolitan Melbourne, the Victorian Government will waive the $19 appointment fee as a good will gesture for anyone that has been impacted with the suspension of key services.

This will mean all customers that have already taken, are due to take, or are waiting to take, a learners, hazard perception and practical drive test, during the period of 25-March 2020 – 5 April 2021 will be eligible to have their appointment fees waived or refunded.

We will contact all customers who are eligible for an appointment fee refund. Please do not call us for your refund.

Replacing Your Existing Licence

Replacing Your Car, Motorcycle or Dual Licence $24.60

Variation/Endorsement of Licence - Adding a heavy vehicle 'endorsement', OR a car licence to a motorcycle licence, OR a motorcycle licence to a car licence, OR removing an automatic condition after passing the auto to manual drive test $31.50

Learner Permit Knowledge Test Fee

Car learner permit knowledge test

Knowledge test $24.60

Appointment Fee $19.00

Total $43.60

Less Fee Waiver Total $24.60

Learner Permit Fees

New learner permit - Car or Motorcycle $25.20

Car learner permit renewal $25.20

Replacement Car or Motorcycle $24.60

Drivers Licence Fees

New, reissue* or renewal - For full or P2 probationary licences $82.80 (3 Years) OR $283.60 (10 Years)

New, reissue* - For P1 probationary licences $110.30 (4 Years)

Free Licence Scheme - For eligible drivers under 25 FREE (3 Years)

Free Licence Scheme

The free licence scheme rewards young drivers who maintain a good driving record while on their probationary licence. If you've maintained a good driving record on your Ps, you may be eligible to apply for a free 3 year driver licence.

Find out more below.

Am I eligible for a free licence?

You’re eligible for a free 3 year licence if:

  • you'll be under 25 when your probationary licence expires
  • you’ve had a Victorian probationary licence for 4 years (with a P1 for 12 months and P2 for 3 years)
  • you have a clean driving record (you haven’t incurred any traffic related offences while on your Ps)

You may still be eligible to apply if your licence was suspended due to:

  • medical reasons
  • aFines Victoria licence suspension
  • a court conviction for a non-driving related offence (i.e. Community Sentencing Reform).

For more information, call 13 11 71.

Overseas Drivers Licence - Must Convert to Victoria Licence within 6 Months.

if you fail a VicRoads practical driving test you will no longer be able to drive in Victoria using your overseas driver licence.

This applies to all VicRoads practical driving tests including:

  • Car driving tests
  • Motorcycle learner permit skills assessments
  • Motorcycle licence tests
  • Heavy vehicle licence tests.


How Can I Legally Drive in Victoria

If you’ve failed a driving test, you’ll need to get a Victorian driver licence or learner permit before you can drive on Victorian roads.

To do this, you’ll need to re-sit - and pass - your practical driving test.

If you need to improve your driving skills before you re-sit your test, you can apply for a learner permit.

This will allow you to practice your driving while accompanied by a Driving Instructor or an experienced driver on a full licence.

What happens if I keep driving after failing a practical driving test?

If you fail a practical driving test, your overseas driver licence is no longer valid in Victoria.

It’s an offence to drive unlicensed in Victoria, so if you continue to drive you’ll be breaking the law.

If you get caught driving without a driver licence, you may be fined.