My Retirement 27/5/2020

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Erickson Alumni Centre

1 Alumni Drive, Morgantown

Guest List

  • Brian & Ann Coulston - 12 Morris Rd, Hughston
  • Mary Hughes - 98 Murray Rd, Preston
  • Peter Butler - 1932 Commercial Rd, Prahran
  • Maree & Paul Welmere - 99 Wilson Boulevard, Clayton
  • Bobby Mason - 1 Kelso Crt, Doveton


Who's Paid

  • Brian Coulston - $70
  • Maree & Paul Welmere - $140


Ladies and Gentlemen...

There hasn’t been a day in 26 years that I didn't want to come to work here, because I loved my job and I enjoyed working with you. What a blessing to be able to say that!

You have been my second family and you have supported me in my career and in my personal life. You listened to my stories about the birth of my children and you cared when my mother entered the nursing home.

I'm going to miss you all ... the fun and arguments we had at the tea break, listening to the "hurler on the ditch" on Monday morning telling us how the match should have gone.

My career was challenging and rewarding. I did my best and I was well rewarded in kind and in friendship. I was privileged to be part of a team which achieved success that we can all be proud of.

I'm looking forward to my new career as a Business and Personal Coach, with a particular emphasis on
retirement coaching.

I'm also looking forward to having the time and the freedom to pursue my hobbies and interests including writing, travel, golf and hanging out with family and friends.

Imagine the joy of travelling without an agenda, followed by a trip report, leisurely lunches without worrying you might be sleepy in the afternoon and no more anxious phone calls from our customers. Yes, there are compensations in life's transitions!

Thank you for sharing this celebration dinner with me and thank you for the support and friendship over 26 years.

I believe that this great company will continue to grow and prosper and I trust that each one of you will be happy and fulfilled here. Keep up the good work; you’ve been a wonderful team to work with.

Thanks for everything, I shall miss you.