Retired VicPol Secretariat, PA’s and Drivers Luncheon

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Our Next Luncheon Dates are the 1st Friday of March & the 1st Friday of October each year.

Hi Everyone,

It has been a very difficult couple of years for many of us, whether it's been our health or that of our family or our work or the lockdowns (just to name a few).

It was great to catch up with those who were able to attend the luncheon on Friday and our thoughts go out to those who weren't able to attend due to the various personal reasons that made it impossible for them to get to South Melbourne.

We decided over the last luncheon that it would be much easier for everyone if we had the same set days each year for our gatherings so we could plan and set aside time in our diary's to attend.

Our scheduled days will be 12pm on the 1st Friday of March & 1st Friday of October.

A reminder will be sent to everyone 2 weeks prior to each luncheon and it will be your responsibility to advise if you are attending, so the Hotel can be advised of seating requirements in a timely manner.

If you do not respond then it will be taken that you are not able to make the luncheon.

I would be happy to receive any new connections or contact details, thank you.

Please send to Gavin McGraw on 0411 108 633 or


Mail Exchange Hotel (Click for details)

688 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Melways (Click for location)

Phone (03) 9903 6880

Invitation List

Alex Tasominos

Brenda Davis

Brian Farr

Brian Ross-Soden

Carolyne Young (Keogh)

Connie Grasso

Cynthia Johnstone (D’Souza)

Dean Nicholls

Denise Djopa

Des Fitzpatrick

Fedele Chiodo

Frank Parolin

Gavin McGraw

Grace D'Andrea

Grant Taylor

Holly Clinton

Ingrid Thiedman

Iolanda Staniscia

Jenni Mitrevics

Jenny Hagiliassis

Jo Swan

Joanne Morrison

John Brown

Josette Toinette

Karen Glenn

Lita Bostjancic

Loretta Fazzino

Louise Tait

Lyn Spinks

Maria Pastras

Melinda Royal

Natalie Maggio

Neil Robertson

Nina Nido

Pam Kennedy

Pat Hastings

Pat Keelan

Pat Webb

Paul Hutchison

Peter Williams

Rita Matthews

Robbie Byrne

Rose Vigilante

Sue Gould

Tracy Webb

Winston Rabel

Contact Details Not Known

Bruce Dyson

Faye Srour

Gloria Bradbury

John Halls

Kerry Nolan

Kevin Pollard

Robin Phillips

Wakim (Brookes)


Attendee's on the 1st Friday of March (1/3/2023)




Attendee's on the 1st Friday of October (7/10/2022)


1. Gavin McGraw

2. Iolanda Staniscia

3. Brian Farr

4. Grant Taylor

5. Jennie Mitrevics

6. Pat Keelan

7. Winston Rabel

8. Rita Matthews



1. John Brown

2. Des Fitzpatrick

3. Lyn Spinks

4. Maria Pastras

5. Alex Tasominos

6. Joanne Morison

7. Peter Williams

8. Jenny Hagiliassis

9. Brian Ross-Soden

Photo's of 4/3/2022

Photo’s of 7/10/2022