Pricing Packages (Copy)

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Pricing Packages

Pricing Packages for:

1. Free

2. Retail

3. Businesses

4. Affiliate Marketing (Clubs/Schools/Uni's)

How do we decide on the different pricing for Businesses etc - is it on the number of employers or their client base, etc.

Pop Up 'Upgrade Now!'

Similar to Spotify - free membership has advertising all the time and if clicking on a premium subscription feature, get a pop up 'This is a Premium Feature, Upgrade Now!'

Selecting Features from other Subs with additional payment for that Feature.

Whether an Individual/Retail/Business subscriber, you have the option of selecting a Feature from one of the other subscriptions and paying extra for that feature and renewable each year.

Example: Select 4 features & pay $$$$ Select 8 features & pay $$$$

Advertising Partnerships

Create advertising partnerships on every subscription level (other than free) where everyone receives their share of income from the advertising.