Out of Isolation Party – 29th June (Copy)

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Kims house

73 Spalding Ave, Dunkanville, Scranton Pencilvania, Derwent.


  • Kim - Hot food
  • David - Sweets
  • Rodrigo - Chips
  • Shelly - Mexican Salad
  • Jehrico - Drinks
  • Lynn - Dumplings

Game Schedule

  • 6pm - 8pm: Mario Kart
  • 8pm - 8:30pm: Egg and spoon race
  • 8:30pm - 9pm: Hot dog eating contest
  • 9pm - 10pm: Tetris

House Rules

You must take you shoes off before you enter for games night.

No swearing or controller throwing

Wash your hands and sanitise after controller use