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Alarm is located just inside the front door.

To Turn Alarm ON - Push 'ARM' button (top left - padlock icon), then 'E' button.

To Turn Alarm OFF - Push 1231, then 'E' button.

You have plenty of time to walk from the garage to the Alarm Controller.

Garage Remote

To 'Open' or 'Close' roller door for the garage, push the middle bottom button on remote

TV & Remote

Turn 'On' or 'Off' by pushing red button at top left of remote

Don't use the 'Netflix', 'Youtube', 'Prime Video' or Media button on remote as they are all accessed through Apple TV

Push 'Input' button at top right of remote to select 'TV' or 'HDMI2 Living Room' for Apple TV

Apple TV & Remote

Apple TV is woken by pressing the 'Menu' or 'Play/Pause' buttons.

Hold the 'Microphone' down and speak into the remote when searching for a movie etc.

The top section of the remote is like a mouse, slide your thumb left/right/up/down and when on the section you wish to activate, click the remote with your thumb.

Please Don't rent/purchase video's or TV shows on Apple (Movies - iTunes/TV Shows - iTune) as plenty to choose from from Netflix, Stan, Disney, Prime Video etc all in the Apple menu.

To select from the various menu's in Apple TV, use the top section of the remote by swiping left/right/up/down and then clicking that section of the remote, like you do with a mouse.

Rubbish Collection - Put Bins Out Wed night for Collection Thursday

The bins are placed out on the nature strip next to the power pole for our Unit.

This week it will be the Red Bin and the two Yellow Bins.

WiFi Login

The WiFi login for 562B is detailed below

Feeding Max the Cat

He has one can of food first thing in the morning. We will leave the cans on the bench and he is fed outside the sliding doors to the courtyard on a saucer.

Watch he doesn't trip you up coming down the stairs or walking outside as he continually walks across your path.

Keep the bedroom door closed or you will have a cat sleeping on your bed. If you are happy for him to do that then feel free to leave the door open.

Dry food is topped up on the floor next to the bins, as is the milk once a day.

He is forgetful and doesn't remember having been fed sometimes and will meow to be fed.

He will annoy the hell out of you to come inside or go outside so it's either through the sliding doors to the court yard or the front door. Sometimes he comes in the sliding doors and straight to the front door to go out again....which is fine.

He will take any opportunity to jump up on your knee, which is fine if you're comfortable with that but he knows he's not allowed on the furniture itself, only on laps.

Front Door Lock - Can be double locked

This lock can be double locked by turning the key to hear it lock, then turn it again and you will hear it double lock. Don't double lock when you are inside and your choice whether you do or don't when you leave, as long as the alarm is activated.

Contact Numbers

Gavin 0411 108 633

Suzanne 0402 464 547

Doona is 2 & 3 Blanket Weight

The doona is half one side of 2 blankets (door side) & the other half is 3 blankets.