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Gavin McGraw

NAME: Gavin McGraw

ADDRESS: 39 McLaren Street, Mt Waverley VIC 3149

CONTACT NO.: 041 l-108-633



Saving lives of drivers by teaching them the skills to drive to survive.

Educating drivers to comprehend the dangers of risk taking and the consequences of their actions.



Driving is a quality I have developed over 38yrs as a police officer in completing different driving courses and driving all types of vehicles from restricted speeds to high speed pursuits.

I have a strong knowledge of the Road Laws gained from the Victoria Police Traffic Operations Group Traffic Education Course and the ongoing enforcement of traffic offences.

Communications is a strength I have due to the many and varied contacts I have on a daily basis in the preparation and security involving the Chief Commissioner of Police. I also have ongoing refresher courses in driving and conflict resolution.

Adaptability, I have enjoyed doing the Cert IV course and learning new approaches to teaching/coaching and believe these approaches will make a difference and safer outcome for students going forward.

Team orientation, I enjoy working in teams to help consistently achieve a high result for the organisation.

Professional Development has been a core part of my career and I believe it is an important part of any industry or business.

Confidentiality is a quality I have that has seen me serve five Chief Commissioner's over a period of 26yrs and been privy to many highly confidential conversations and material. I also hold a National Top Secret Level Clearance.


Key Achievements

Responsibility of driving the most Senior Police Officer in Victoria.

Enforcing Road Laws throughout the State.

Customer Service liaisons with private organisations, general public and schools in a range of programs over many years.



1974 Russell Street, Flinders Lane & Broadmeadows Police Stations (8 months)

1974 - 1977 Brunswick Police Station (3 years)

1977 - 1979 Epping Police Station (18 months)

1979 Traffic Operations Group, Western Suburbs of Melbourne (7 months)

1979 - 1983 Traffic Operations Group, Horsham Highway Patrol - High Speed Pursuits (3.5 years)

1983 - 1985 Police Transport Branch - Heavy Vehicles (2 years)

1985 - 201 I Personal Driver to Chief Commissioner of Police, Victoria, Australia (26 years)

2011 -2015 Driving Instructor with Royal Automobile Club of Victoria - RACV (3.5 years)

2015 - 2020 Driving Instructor with Manual Driving Made Easy Drive School



Cohuna Primary School

Finley Primary School

Finley High School

Victoria Police Motor Driving School Standard Car Course

Victoria Police Motor Driving School Motor Cycle Course

Victoria Police Motor Driving School Pursuit Car Course

Victoria Police Motor Driving School VIP Personal Protective Driving Course

Investrnent in Excellence Course

Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics Road Transport Car Driving Instruction