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My Personal Goals

  • I weigh a consistent 95kg
  • I live in my home on a beach
  • I can speak Japanese
  • I can speak Mandarin
  • I bought Sue a Range Rover Evoque - Red
  • I own a Range Rover Sport Special Vehicle - Gunmetal Grey
  • I fly a helicopter often
  • I own a Multi Million dollar international business
  • I have a yearly income in excess of $1mil
  • I own a 3 bedroom Apartment in Broadbeach, Qld
  • I own a property in New York City, NY
  • I can sing beautifully
  • I have a full set of upper and lower natural teeth
  • I have an exceptional memory (only currently use 10% of capacity)
  • I take my entire family on an overseas trip every year
  • I have a black belt in TiKwonDo
  • I Exercise Daily
  • I Speed Read
  • I am an outstanding Husband and Father
  • I show my love to Suzanne with more compassion and affection
  • I am the best lover to Suzanne ever!
  • I am a strong swimmer
  • I donate large contributions to charities

My Business Goals

  • Video to show the following:
  • How to share your life story with your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc - Leave a legacy
  • Same as a Bank Safety Security Box
  • Same as a Lawyers Safety Deposit Box
  • What is the security protocol to protect my content?
  • Can Share or keep Private - Toggle
  • No transfer of data as only the link is sent
  • How to use as a Club in setting up rosters, teams, venues and games
  • How to use as a Parent in setting up mother group catchups, parties, sports runaround, wedding etc.
  • How to setup and record your life story (Locations, photo's etc)
  • How to setup and organise how you would like your funeral, rather than leaving it up to chance from family
  • This needs to be the 'One & Only Place' to login for every login without having to login separately to numerous accounts such as FB, Google, Spotify etc
  • A 'Suggestion Box or Email' for suggestions - covered possibly in the Blog
  • Can upload docs, photos, pdf's
  • Can use Templates, create own also
  • Can share Events link to whomever only once and any updates are reflected whenever the link is opened

Daily Activity

  • Exercise for 60min (Treadmill 15min, Bike 15min, Stretching, Roller)
  • Shower and Breakfast
  • Listen to Tape for 21 days straight (then new tape)
  • Read for 30min - Newspaper/Book
  • Blinkist Read
  • Affirmations on tape
  • All tasks to be in the diary for a certain To Do List
  • Plan Next Day Activity the evening before
  • List 3 important things to do & only work on ONE!

Tapes to Listen to for 21 days

  • Stamina in bed
  • Memory Recall - My Mind Acts to Find the Facts!
  • Wealth Attraction

Follow Up

  • Business Insurance (Biz Cover, Lawpass)
  • Copy Write Protection
  • Trade Mark Protection
  • Bank to approach re own money transfer business such as Square etc - Westpac (Afterpay) NAB (PayPal Here)