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Action List - W/E 19/6/22

  • Gavin to create MWN Channel on YouTube. CREATED CHANNEL & UPLOADED VIDEO.
  • Suman to email Sam Lehman re video script
  • Suman to email Sam Chadwick re Thumbnail for individual login - image for text messages on sent links
  • Email Jacob to follow up with Sam Lehman re video script & also to send him the first video
  • Finish editing content for Instagram, and if we can also add MWN branding over each image (watermark). Check if we can also add imbedded hyperlink in the web address.
  • Give Jacob a 4wk deadline from finalised script.
  • Determine the schedule for social media content, prior to the soft launch of our latest video.
  • Hootsuite and editing software

Action List - W/E 21/6/22

  • Check MWN YouTube A/C for Advert switched ON. Pre roll & Post Roll video. send email to Sam Chadwick asking if this is Sandy's domain. Include login for Google Adsense & Youtube