How To Get Started

Step 01

Step 1

Select ‘Make A Wish’, choose a category then create a name for your 'Wish Title' (e.g. My Shopping Lists).

Step 02

Step 2

Create a ‘Title’ name (e.g. Grocery Store, Department Store, Gifts… etc.). You can create multiple Titles by selecting ‘Add Block’ located near the bottom of the page.

Step 03

Step 3

Each Title will have an associated ‘Text’ box. Create your message in the Text box.

Select the big plus (+) symbol to insert a list or upload an image/file by following the prompts. You can push Enter in the Text box to make the plus (+) symbol reappear.

Step 04

Step 4

Choose whether to toggle the red ‘Private’ switch to the green ‘Public’ switch. If you select ‘Public’, this allows you to share your Wish Title with family/friends via the available sharing icons (e.g. Facebook, SMS, email… etc.).

You can toggle the Private/Public switch at any time.

Step 05

Step 5

To Save, click ‘Create’ located near the bottom of the page.

Saved wishes can be accessed, edited, deleted and shared (if Public) from your personal ‘My Wish Nest’ page.